The dam project was conceived after a couple of years of observing a natural spring down near the natural regeneration area. This perenially wet area was both notoriously boggy and weedy, especially in relation to a Singapore Daisy infestation. This environmental weed is now gone and the dam sits in its place. With its close proximity to both the natural regeneration area and the revegetation corridor, in association with the dam plantings, we expect that it will be wonderful wildlife habitat in the coming years.

There are already a lot of frogs living around the dam, including a recently new species having moved in - Great Barred Frogs.

The first planting was below the dam wall with a mixture of species that can tolerate wet feet, including Swamp Mahoganies, Bottlebrushes, Melaleucas and Casuarinas. The photos below show these plants. In July 2020 in the midst of a mild winter with good rainfall we planted a mix of gum trees on the eastern upside slope of the dam. Species include Tallowwoods, Forest Red Gums, Grey Gums and Brush Boxes. Some of the species mentioned here are Koala food trees. We hear Koalas on the slopes above us and so maybe one day they may wander down to our dam plantings.

2019 Dam Project

2020 Dam Project

We wish to thank the Biodiversity Conservation Trust NSW who provided a grant to assist in the fencing of the wildlife corridor and the dam, and also towards plants for revegetation works. We also would like to thank Emma Stone, the Local Coordinator of Border Ranges-Richmond Valley Landcare, for her valuable assistance.

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