When we came to this property it had very little tree cover. Thankfully on the southern boundary there was a patch of angophoras regenerating naturally. Apart from along the creek, it was the only place on the property with a variety of wildlife, particularly small birds such as finches and wrens. This biodiversity was helped by a regenerating stand of native vegetation on the adjoining property which links our regenerative area with the creek at the base of the property.

The regenerating stand of angophoras on our place had a lot of lantana in the understory. The worst of this has been removed, but also a fair deal has been kept for the time being as this is providing protection and nesting habitat for a number of species of small native birds. In fact, as we were clearing the lantana one autumn, we came across many bird nests carefully hidden from predators.

We also fenced this section off from the livestock as the rainforest understory, which was attempting to establish under the angophoras, was being continually chewed by cows. These rainforest tree seedlings are now establishing themselves and we have also done some supplemental tree planting to help augment the process.

Here are some images of the Regeneration area in August 2020. There is still a fair amount of lantana present. Nonetheless, it is currently the most biodiverse spot on our property.

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